My Fall Nails

Less is Aura

When it comes to manicures I prefer a more natural look. I maintain my nail health with biotin supplements and by using a nail hardener base every time I get my nails done. I have tried acrylics, gel color, sns, you name it but they all ended up thinning my nails out after awhile. So now I stick to regular manicures which I get every week. I usually get the same color whenever I go so its more like a touch up. Between the vitamins, nail hardener and constant love I give my nails by getting them done so often they rarely ever break or get brittle. Now as for the colors I choose for my nails depend on the season. Being that it is fall I ditched my sheer pink manicure for one more fitting to the season. I rarely ever paint my nails anything dark, I like to keep my nails on the lighter side. I really wanted to do a light nude but I stepped a little outside of my comfort zone and went with a caramel-y color. The whole time that the nail technician was filing my nails I kept thinking how I am going to hate the color and that I should have chose a different one. Before she began to paint them I told her I was unsure about the color and wanted to change it to something more like a beige. She came back with 3 other polishes and put each one up next to the one that I originally chose and asked which one I liked better. In the end that caramel-y polish was the last one standing, never should have doubted myself. After my manicure was finished I could not stop staring at my nails. I fell so deeply in love with the color and how nicely it went with my complexion. This is my 3rd time getting this same color so I have fully committed to this being my new “fall nail” color.


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