How I Embarrassed Myself in Front of Mickey Mouse

It’s 10:30 A.M., DJ Earworm’s Blame it on the Pop is playing and the Magic Kingdom sign comes into sight. Not a cloud in the sky and nothing but happiness is filling the air.

This was my second time going to Disney World but it was just as magical as the first time. Well not exactly… this beautiful start didn’t last too long but we’ll get to that in a little bit. Even though the sky was clear, the weather was not all that ideal since it was quite humid. But all that meant was that we should head straight for Splash Mountain! A good ol’ flume ride to cool us down after waiting in the ticket and security lines. Even with the humidity, our excitement to be there was not fading in the slightest. Finally we reached the front of the line and our turn was up. We got seated at the front of the ride and man, I was not expecting to get as soaked as I did. I got off that ride looking like I had just taken a shower fully clothed. But hey, we wanted to cool off so we definitely got what we wanted plus rides are just so much better when you get to experience it front row. After exiting the ride, we were directed inside to see our picture that was taken at the largest drop and then to the gift shop which led to the exit. We stepped outside and I thought the sound of water running was from the ride but NOPE it was down pouring. We figured no big deal, it is Florida so these scattered storms are expected. While we waited for the rain to clear up I made a quick trip to the ladies’ room. It was that time of the month for me so I figured it would be a good time to freshen up. For any guy reading this I know how squeamish the thought of periods can be for you so go ahead and shield your eyes from the disgustingness of this natural bodily function… just kidding… kind of… ANYWAY to my surprise I had completely bled through to my romper. I was without a change of clothes, I suppose I could have bought something there but I wasn’t trying to go bankrupt over a blood stain. But damn this really had a 180 affect of my mood. I was so embarrassed and upset because it was pretty visible from the front. I did the best I could to make myself presentable but that stain was not going anywhere. I just accepted the fact that yep… I bled through and yes it is visible… but it’s okay because I’m at Disney and I’m not going to let something so normal ruin this day. Still I was very aware of it and it made me rather self conscious BUT fortunately enough, once my clothes dried the shorts of my romper were not so stretched out and my rubbing thighs pulled the crotch of them up just enough that no one could even notice what had happened. Who ever started the whole “thick thighs saves lives” wasn’t joking. And so there I was feeling resorted back to my former glory! There on out, the rest of the day was wonderful, we got to go on so many rides, eat some delicious food and see a beautiful firework display at Cinderella’s Castle. Just reminder that mindset is everything in these kinds of situations, you can be bummed out but don’t let it take over. Accept that it is what it is and let yourself enjoy the greatness surrounding you. (:

Hopefully someone found some humor in this story. I’d love to hear if anyone else has experienced some kind of embarrassing situation like this while being out so that we can all be embarrassed and laugh about it together.


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