Let’s Try This Again…


I want to start off saying hello to any of my followers who have not left yet (: I appreciate and love you. It’s been hard finding time to post lately. I thought summer would be the perfect time to really dedicate myself and get into daily blogging but as you may have noticed, that definitely did not go as planned. I ended up taking a few summer courses and I was working full time so any free time that I ended up having I would crawl into bed and wait for the cycle to repeat the next day! I promise it wasn’t as depressing as I’m making it sound… just very demanding. In the end it was extremely beneficially and I accomplished a lot even if my mental was ready to explode. And at the end of summer I was able to dedicate a week to go on a much needed vacation to Florida with my best friend (which I will shortly be posting about for those who would like to hear about my trip). Anyway I’m going to make more of an effort to post here because so much has happened and there’s just way too much that I want to share with well whoever cares to read it. Stay tuned because I’m back!!


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