Guide to Perfect Beach Waves

Summer is by far my favorite time of year. I live in New Jersey so I get to experience all 4 seasons and without a doubt summer takes the cake. I love everything that summer has to offer. The way the air smells, the peacefulness of summer nights with the only sounds being those of cicadas in the trees and the sight of lightning bugs dancing around.  Nothing brings me as much peace as summer nights seem to, and of course lets not forget the beach. Nothing says summer more in New Jersey than the Jersey Shore. I hope it still doesn’t get thought of as being like the MTV show. I promise we are not overly tan “guidos” with anger management issues… well maybe we’re not all guidos… New Jersey road rage will prove me wrong on that second part.

ANYWAY, I apologize for getting a little bit off topic so let’s get back to the main point of this post.

Beach Waves

Nothing says summer more to me than “beachy hair”. That messy yet beautiful look that peacefully whispers summer. I naturally have somewhat wavy hair to begin with but it never looks quite as beautiful as it does after spending a day at the beach. Something about that salty air creates a perfect mixture of waves and curls to my hair that I cannot get enough of. I don’t live close enough to the shore for that to be my daily hairstyle routine so I set out for alternatives.

After trying so many different products trying to find the one that perfectly got that look down, I ran into a few that got me pretty damn close to the real thing. All of my reviews are based on the product alone, sometimes I will add a few curls with a curling iron to enhance the effect but I try not to put a lot of heat to my hair so I really only do that step for certain occasions. For an everyday look, the products on their own give enough results to stand alone.

So lets get to it!

1. IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

rich kid oil gel

IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel $24 (5oz)

IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel- 50 mL $13 (50mL)

I want to start with this product because I typically use it underneath whichever wave spray I follow it with. It is not a necessary step, you will still yield results without it but I prefer to add it in for a couple reasons. Mostly because I have fine and often flat/lifeless hair. Sure I have some waves but what good are those when your hair is practically glued to your head most of the time. This product helps give fine hair some added texture while still keeping it soft. In my opinion if you are looking for a single product and not to layer them, this one alone would work best for those with already wavy or curly hair if achieving more enhanced waves are your goal. Otherwise this product is great for anyone looking to enhance their natural hair.

2. Ouai Wave Spray


Ouai Wave Spray 5 oz $39 (5oz)

Ouai Haircare Wave Spray 1 oz. Mini $11 (1 oz)

Ohhhh Ouai Wave Spray. I had been eyeing this product for a while and then received a mini of it in my Play by Sephora box and GIRL was I excited. A note I want to make about this product is its scent. I wouldn’t say its my favorite or even ideal scent but it’s okay. I would describe it as a floral scent and it is rather strong. On the bright side, it smells way better once it dissipates. I think it smells lovely as a fainted smell, its the initial sprays that throw you off. This product works great but my advice is to sample it at a store if you can first so that you can smell it. I read mixed reviews on people loving the smell and others disliking it, for me once I’m all set and done I think it blends nicely.

3. OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

ogx wave spray

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray, 6 Ounce Bottle, Sea Salt Styling Spray, Like a Day at The Beach $11

If floral scents aren’t your thing and instead you’re looking for one that reminds you of the beach, look no further! This spray has been a long time favorite of mine. The scent of this spray is beautiful and automatically takes me to summer no matter what the season is. The one thing I want to say about this product is to be careful with how much of it you use. It is a sea salt spray so it can be very drying if used in excess and thus create dry looking ends and frizz. Once you use it a few times you get the hang of it and figure out how to apply it best for your hair. A recommendation I have for this product is to use with a moisturizing cream or oil spray (I like OGX’s Weightless Healing Dry Oil) if dried ends are an issue.

Whenever I style my hair for beach waves, I always fully brush my hair out before hoping into the shower and while in the shower I make sure I get all the falling out hair well out because I do not comb or brush it again after getting out. Like I said before I have naturally wavy hair but that’s if I completely leave it alone, once I start running a brush through my hair, it will straighten out and look more stravy than straight or wavy. It’s a very awkward in-between hair style so if you experience that same issue I suggest avoiding combing your hair after getting it wet for a wavy look. Once I’m done washing my hair I squeeze out the excess water and throw it up in a clip for a few minutes. I don’t wrap my head in a towel, it’s not the best thing for your hair because it pulls and tugs on it. Especially for my fine hair, EVERYTHING seems to damage it. As an alternative I air dry my hair by whipping it around like a wet dog. This way I get most of the water out while also adding some volume (if I’m using the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, I add that in before my little possession act. I do this because I find it easier working it into my hair this way but that might not be the case for everyone). Once I’m done “drying” my hair I pick up pieces of my hair section by section and spray in the wave spray. Once I’m all done applying the spray I’ll do some light scrunching to aid in shaping it.


Nothing too special or glamorous about this guide but it works! I hope it works for all of you as well as it does for me. Please feel free to share any tips or suggestions.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. KaylaMarie says:

    Girl you’re beautiful 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KaylaMarie says:

    You’re hair type sounds alot like mine. I’m definitely going to try the ogx sea salt spray. I’ve been looking for something like this for forever! I loved this post! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cara says:

      Yes I definitely recommend it! I have been using that spray since I was in 7th grade and the formula has stayed the same, which truly says that it can’t get any better!


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